What You Can Fund


What Can Be Funded?

Upgrade Finance can be used to fund Environmental Upgrades to your building

In a nutshell, here's what you can get funding for:

Any upgrade works to your Commercial Building for 'improving the energy, water or environmental efficiency or sustainability of a building'.


What Upgrades Can I Make to My Building?

Here's an idea of what Projects you can undertake or install in your property - the following can be financed with Building Upgrade Finance:

Building Upgrades: Building fabric insulation upgrade, Cool roof coating, External solar shading, Green roof installation, High performance windows, Reduce building infiltration / exfiltration

Energy Source: Hot Water technology upgrade, Reduced carbon on-site energy source, Grid-connected renewable energy, with or without battery storage, Solar thermal hot water, Power factor correction

Lighting: Lighting control upgrades, Lighting technology upgrade

Plant Upgrades: Drive & fan efficiency upgrades, Duct testing & sealing, Ducting & piping insulation, HVAC efficiency via control upgrade, HVAC technology upgrade, Permanent high efficiency commercial appliances, Permanent refrigeration upgrades, Pool efficiency upgrades

Water: Blackwater / Greywater / Rainwater systems, Water efficiency measures

Pollution Prevention: Waste & greenhouse gas emissions, materials recovery or recycling 

Transport: Reducing car use or promoting alternate, more environmentally friendly, means of transport (such as cycling, walking).

And yes, even the Consulting Fees can be included in the loan.

Not sure if your project is eligible?

Send us a quick note and we'll quickly help you understand if your project can be funded by Building Upgrade Finance. In most cases, the answer is 'yes', but we'll help you understand that for sure.

Did you know you can also fund environmental consulting fees of your project?