About This Type of Loan

Is Building Upgrade Finance for Non-Residential/Commercial or Residential Homes?

Commercial or Residential property? That's ok, Upgrade Finance covers both Commercial and soon Residential buildings in Vic. See 'contact us' section below to find out if your property qualifies for these loans and the type of work on your building that can be funded. 


What Buildings is Upgrade Finance Available For?

Available NOW for COMMERCIAL/NON-RESIDENTIAL properties in Vic, NSW and SA.

Very soon available for RESIDENTIAL HOMES in Vic.

But..... you're thinking that there's a catch, nothing can be that easy.

You're right, it isn't easy, which is why we've spent the last year building relationships with key service providers and Local Councils to make the process as streamlined as possible. Yes there is a heap of work to do - and we do that for you. 

We take the hard work out of the process, allowing you to reap the benefits sooner.


How Do I Get an Upgrade Finance Loan?

1. You find the provider of the work you want completed. 

2. Contact us & we help you understand if the work qualifies for an EUA.

3. We help you apply to Local Council / LGA for a Building Upgrade Finance assessment.

4. Local Council review and consider your application.

5. We help you complete the EUA contract.

6. We provide you with the funds to pay the company to do the work.

7. We arrange everything with your Local Council.

8. You see a little extra in your quarterly rates.

9. You start reaping the benefits of lower bills and less emissions! 

Is It Difficult To Get This Type of Loan?

It's not hard - anyone who owns a Non-Residential or Commercial Property in Vic, NSW or SA (and soon, Private Homeowners in Vic) can apply for Building Upgrade Finance. 

Our team of experts do the hard work to make the process easier and quicker for you. All you have to do is consider the types of project you want to undertake (such as solar power or renewable energy, LED lighting, battery storage, building management systems etc). 

And don't worry - it's your local Council that collects repayments. You won't have to deal with a bank or extra payment reminders.

How It works

Additional Information

Who is This Finance For?

Any Commercial Building Owner can apply. If you're a tenant, ask your building owner about the upgrades you'd like done. Or just contact us and we can help you ask them.

Here are the conditions that currently apply for Commercial or Non-Residential Buildings:

- Building is on rateable land (except SA where it does not have ot be on rateable land) 

- Upgrades to improve the Energy, Water, Environmental Efficiency or Sustainability of a building

- Any type of Commercial, Agricultural, Tourism, Office, Hotel, Shopping Centre, Retail or Industrial building can apply (even if you have some residential tenants!). Note: Building must be an existing building and in SA, at least 2yrs old.

- You are in Vic, NSW or SA.


Why Not a Regular Loan?

There are lots of options for the best type of finance for a long term environmental upgrade to your building. With normal loans you'll often pay a higher rate of interest and have a short loan term - neither are ideal for this type of upgrade works. An EUA on the other hand is usually lent at a better rate and for longer terms - terms that are better aligned to the lifespan of your upgrade such as 15 or 20 years. This gives you much lower repayments, allowing you to realise the benefits often with a positive cash flow where the loan repayments are invariably less than the savings you make! And, if you sell your building in that time, the debt stays with the property, not you. 

Here's how an Building Upgrade Finance is different:

- No upfront capital, deposit or security required

- Loan term of 5 - 20 years

- With your qtrly rates, an additional Building/Environmental Upgrade Charge is issued

- Your tenants can contribute to repayments (for commercial buildings)

- 100% of project costs are covered (consulting, supply, fit install etc - all hard and soft costs)

- Loans from $5,000 to $20M+


Got a question or query we can help with?

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