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The Building Upgrade Finance website was developed to provide an independent, single source of information for Environmental Upgrade Agreements. The website development is a collaborative initiative between the state governments of New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria who have enabled Building Upgrade Finance in their jurisdictions.

South Australia - EUA Detail

SA - Councils

What projects are eligible?

In South Australia, eligible works are those that improve the energy, water or environmental efficiency or sustainability of a building. The building must be an existing, non-residential building, located in a participating council area. Learn more

In South Australia, heritage upgrades are also eligible (see Heritage upgrades below).

The following also applies in South Australia:

  • Buildings must have been built two years before entering into a Building Upgrade Agreement.
  • A building does not have to be located on rateable land to be eligible.
  • A building located on Crown land may enter into a Building Upgrade Finance agreement if the building owner has received consent from the appropriate Minister (in accordance with the Crown Land Management Act 2009).
  • Buildings subject to a strata or community scheme are technically eligible in South Australia, however the Building Upgrade Agreement template is not designed to facilitate strata agreements so may need further investigation. 

More detail here:

Can I finance Heritage upgrades?

Yes - Heritage upgrades to non-residential state or local heritage listed buildings are available in South Australia, including:

  • Maintaining, updating or reinstating heritage significance; or
  • Compliance with the Building Rules or the Disability Discrimination Act 1992; or
  • Facilitating the ongoing occupation of the building.

Video - Heritage upgrades, South Australia

Which SA LGAs currently support this finance?

The following LGAs support his finance:

  • City of Adelaide
  • Town of Gawler
  • City of Marion
  • City of Onkaparinga
  • City of Salisbury

More detail here:

Don't worry if your LGA is not listed, simply contact us and we can liaise with the relevant bodies to see if that LGA can be brought into the scheme.

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