About Us

Specialists in Building Upgrade Finance

We are an Australian lender that provides loans for Building Upgrade Finance.

This is a loan, simple as that. A loan you can take out to make environmental upgrades to your building.

Australian Environmental Leaning is a lender that provides this finance to companies and homeowners like you.

Building Upgrade Finance is Govt enabled finance, legislated in Vic, NSW & SA.

They allow you to borrow money to pay for Environmental Upgrades to your property (Commercial and soon to be Residential in Vic as well) and repay the loan through your Local Council Rates. Typically you can get a longer term on your loan, better rate and - best of all - the loan is against the land so if you sell your property, the loan can transfer to the buyer. You get the benefit of reduced bills and if you sell your house, you don't have to pay off the loan. Sounds good right? Well it is, and the Government supports this type of lending. Reach out to us for a more detailed information pack. Click below for more info on where you can use this type of finance.

Why Us?

AEL is an Australian startup, specialising in providing loans for people and companies wanting to make environmental upgrades to their buildings.

We're backed by some of Australia's leading companies. 

These types of loans are different, they involve lots of parties and they can seem difficult to manage. We specialise in making the whole process easy. We manage the entire process from assessment through the application and contract and into your project. We manage that process for you, so that you can quickly, easily and in less time than you'd think, make environmental upgrades to your building and start reaping the benefits of lower bills whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

Is It Difficult To Get This Type of Loan?

It's not hard - anyone who owns a Commercial Property in Vic, NSW or SA (and soon, Private Homeowners in Vic) can apply for this finance in participating council areas. 

Our team of experts do the hard work to make the process easier and quicker for you. All you have to do is consider the types of project you want to undertake (such as solar power or renewable energy, LED lighting, battery storage, building management systems etc). 

And don't worry - it's your local Council that collects repayments. You won't have to deal with a bank or extra payment reminders.

Understanding the Terminology

Like so many financial products, they often have complex terminology. To make it easier, we often refer to this finance as 'Upgrade Finance'.

Here are some other terms that all relate to this finance:

- Building Upgrade Finance and Environmental Upgrade Finance are equivalent terms. (This is the name of the finance product itself).

- Building Upgrade Agreement and Environmental Upgrade Agreement are equivalent terms. (This is the name of the contract agreement that is executed by all three parties to establish the repayment arrangements).

So should you see the acronym 'EUA' (Environmental Upgrade Agreement) or 'BUF' (Building Upgrade Finance) you can be pretty sure it relates to the same thing. 


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